Lastmile Delivery Tracking Platform

This powerful software is a real time order tracking and delivery platform for last mile delivery companies to optimize entire operation.

Online Order Tracking and Delivery Platform With Mobile Apps

As the business owner you have the facility to manage multiple orders, deliveries, drivers and you may get detailed reports about order status, deliveries and vehicles. Both driver and your end customers will have IOS and Android mobile app for the most convenient and faster access to the platform. Mobile apps provide your driver and customers most productive outputs at reduced costs. Web console for platform admin includes top online business management features including order and delivery management, vehicle and driver management and taking various reports of orders, deliveries, drivers, payments etc.

Key Features Include

  • Unlimited Fleet management with Responsive Design
  • Unlimited Orders and TPL Companies
  • Unlimited Drivers
  • Automated and Manual Dispatch
  • Realtime Vehicle Tracking
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Best Route Suggetion
  • Ease of access through different gestures
  • Import Bulk Orders
  • 100% Open-Source and Fully Customizable